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Panhead Custom Ales from Upper Hut Wellington

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Available on tap

Panhead Supercharger APA 5.7%

Hops are where it starts for the born-again craft head and Supercharger APA is where Panhead delivers. This is an all-American show with Centennial, Citra and Simcoe overwhelming your nose, kicking you in the taste buds and departing with more bitterness than a Palm Springs divorce. It’s a seriously addictive combination.

Panhead Port Road Pilsner 5.2%

Pilsner is famously Czech in origin, but here we’ve gone for a South Pacific hop profile in keeping with the people who brew it and drink it. Passionfruit, grapefruit and sauvignon blanc characters abound, stacked up on a robust malt base that’s partly German, partly Kiwi.

A classic Kiwi hop style of passionfruit and grapefruit – like a beer version of your New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Brewed with NZ and German Malts.

Panhead Rat Rod Hazy IPA 6.5%

In hot rodding a Rat Rod is a chopped, low slung, rough and rusty special, designed for go more than show. A little like a classic hazy IPA in other words. There’s a monster American hopping regime inside this unfiltered diamond, throwing the juicy orange and fruit salad characters forward without too much bitterness or malty sophistication.

Panhead Sandman Hazy PA 5.2%

Pours pale gold like dawn on a summers day. It’s also a bit hazy obviously. Citrus and tropical aromas come jumping out of the glass with orange, mango and stonefruit notes all along for the ride. A soft and silking mouthfeel with more of those juicy fruit notes is balanced but a pithy grapefruit zest bitterness and clean refreshing finish. Pairs well with bombs off the wharf and sand in your togs.